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Events Education Resource Center Sports Business Program

A non-traditional, invaluable
sports and entertainment
business book for high
school educators.

Learn how to effectively
market your school sports,
events and entertainment.


Consulting Services

Have some great ideas about what direction to take your business education programs or fundraising efforts but need some additional guidance?  With over a decade of industry experience, SCC can assist you in building your program from the ground up both in and out of the classroom.  Our consulting services are always customized to suit your needs and budget.

Our programs have been carefully developed to assist schools in establishing fund raising projects that by marketing your school sports, events and entertainment.  These programs range from telephone consulting with teachers developing new sports and marketing classes to hands-on group workshops for teachers and/or students to establish a complete sports business program.

Sports/Entertainment Business
Education in the Classroom

Just getting started with a sports and entertainment class at your school and not sure where to begin or have you been teaching the class for years and need some fresh ideas to help bring more pizazz to the class?  Look no further.  With over 1,300 high schools around the country currently using our textbook, daily dialogue with those teaching the class and a wealth of industry experience, we can help pave the way for sports and entertainment business education at your school!

Fundraising:  How to Market & Promote
School Sports, Events & Entertainment

The greatest potential fundraising tool for your school will also provide an outstanding educational opportunity, one that offers an exciting way to provide sports and entertainment business experience for your students.  Many schools have given consideration to marketing their school sports but don’t know where to begin.  Some schools have tried organizing events such as golf or dodge ball tournaments, but with limited success because they did not have an appropriate plan in place to guide them to success.  Let SCC step in and provide all the expertise necessary to launch a sports business program at your school.

To learn more about our consulting services, please contact us by email at or phone at (503) 330-1895.



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