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 Education Resource Center

Get in the game with the best curriculum on the market…

“The stuff you provided me is fantastic, I’m hooked! This is the first year I have taught this class and got some really poor books. I sent them back and ordered your information. It completely changed the whole scope of the class!”

Jon C Neblett
James River High School (Virginia)
Marketing Teacher

Whether you opt to spend two weeks offering sports marketing as a “special topic” with your existing marketing/business coursework or developing a brand new program, the Education Resource Center offers all the resources you need. The material makes life extremely easy for teachers at all levels.

The curriculum provides comprehensive resources for a one year sports and entertainment marketing course and is sure to make a significant impact on your students.To insure the curriculum presents information that translates to real world experiences, a review board comprised of more than twenty sports and entertainment industry professionals and marketing/sports marketing college level instructors were consulted. The board’s contributions to the Education Resource Center helped improve and validate core concepts, topic examples and organization of information. Additionally, contributions from high school teachers and DECA advisors helped to shape the structure of the supplemental materials to make certain ample teaching aid is available and easily accessible.

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A subscription to SCC’s Education Resource Center allows you to access and download many valuable resources. The ERC features a curriculum which highlights twelve individual “units” (think textbook chapters). Each unit includes corresponding supplemental materials, such as:

  • Unit outlines complete with key terms, learning objectives and specific lessons
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Student assignments
  • Classroom activities
  • Class discussion topics with suggested questions
  • Related industry articles
  • Exams with answer keys
  • Case studies
  • Internet activities
  • Student handouts
  • Learning games (crossword puzzle, word find, word scramble)
Additional SCC Education Resource Center benefits:
  • Access to weekly current sports business news featuring current events news, industry trends and questions for classroom discussion
  • Access to sports business podcasts
  • Classroom games in PowerPoint to help illustrate specific lessons
  • LOTS of project ideas
  • Teacher’s guide
  • Special “media aids” section of the website featuring links to blogs, newsletters, video clips, book recommendations, Super Bowl commercials, TV commercials and much, much more!
  • Complimentary phone consultation to walk first time teachers through the resources included with your membership (half hour)

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Digital Textbook and More!  Your subscription to the Education Resource Center includes access to a digital textbook that is updated every summer, a corresponding student notes guide and workbook, a projects guide with nearly 50 different activities, and a collection of case studies.  The textbook is supported by the industry and reflects an accurate reflection of the current state of the business of sports and entertainment.  The digital nature of the e-book also allows for lots of interactive content, with links to additional educational resources for students.

The Business of Sports & Entertainment


PowerPoints:  Supplement the digital publications with an extensive set of PowerPoints featuring plenty of graphics and examples to keep your students engaged.  Just like all the other resources included with your membership, you have the ability to edit the presentations to customize them to fit your classroom.

WEEKLY CURRENT EVENTS:  You and your students will be on the cutting edge of the sports and entertainment marketing community with SCC's weekly updates and bonus content.  Each week, you will receive an e-mail update and your current events page will be refreshed with ten news stories, five featuring questions for classroom discussion.  


"BONUS" RESOURCES:  LESSON PLANNING GUIDES, POWERPOINTS & STUDENT COMPETITIONS:  In addition to weekly current events, SCC's "bonus material" features ideas shared from other teachers and content relating specifically to the hottest trends and events in the industry.  And if you missed an email?  No worries, the content is always archived in SCC's downloads section online.


Activities, Assignments, Case Studies & More!  Your ERC membership includes more activities than you'll know what to do with.  With content that appeals to all types of teacher and student, you will have as many resources at your disposal as imaginable to keep your students on their toes.

PROJECTS, PROJECTS, PROJECTS!  Students today require more engagement than ever.  There is no better way to keep them interested and involved than introducing fun, energizing projects.  Your ERC membership includes over FIFTY projects, all with "real world" applications. 

ONLINE ACCESS!  The entire curriculum package, from the digital textbook to activities and exams, are all available to you and your students online.  To make things even more interesting, the online edition weaves video clips and other interactive content throughout the course to keep students interested and engaged.  Again, content is fully customizable so you have the ability to produce the exact content that you want your students to see online!




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