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Events Education Resource Center Sports Business Program

A non-traditional, invaluable
sports and entertainment
business book for high
school educators.

Learn how to effectively
market your school sports,
events and entertainment.


Rave Reviews

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 (This is) the best money we ever spent on curriculm! We love the information!”

Karen Withrow
Minuteman High School (Massachusetts)
Marketing Teacher

“The research and prep that you do for us is just awesome. Thank you!”

Mike Gump
Lake Oswego High School (Oregon)
Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor

“Our Sports and Entertainment Marketing class was a great improvement over the Retail Marketing course I previously taught - the subject matter and curriculum was much more exciting for our students and very engaging. Between sports and entertainment topics, news and current events, there was always something to discuss and interest every student. I had less prep time and plenty of resources to last the whole year. We integrated both of SCC’s programs to help us manage some great experiential learning opportunities for our students, such as working gates at games, designing flyers and programs for plays and tournaments, and selling t-shirts for football. The best part is the flexibility the programs provide - you can pick and choose how much of the curriculum you want to use.”

Carrie Johnson
Mojave High School (California)
Marketing Teacher

“This is the most complete, comprehensive sports and entertainment marketing teaching resource I’ve ever seen…by far, actually. I’m amazed at how much easier it has made my life and how much more my students are getting out of the class!”

Dan Thompson
Sabin-Schellenberg Center (Oregon)
Sports Marketing Teacher

“Just wanted you to know that I received the package containing my materials yesterday and I looked through the materials today. GREAT stuff!! I look forward to using your materials ASAP!”

John Arfuso
East Career & Technical Academy (Nevada)
Marketing & Business Instructor

“Your program is right on! I love it!”

Marjorie Gordon
Emmett High School (Idaho)
Drama Instructor
PTE/Business Instructor

“We are just beginning our Sports & Entertainment Marketing class and I am totally impressed by the number of resources available!”

Barb Jackson
New Glarus High School (Wisconsin)
Marketing Teacher

“I teach a Sports & Entertainment Marketing class and use the materials and curriculum provided by Sports Career Consulting. The weekly online newsletters provide me with stimulating discussion topics that I use in my classes daily. The curriculum is better than anything I have found from any publisher because it is relevant and well developed. SCC’s willingness to assist me in any way with my class has been outstanding. Chris has gone the extra mile by participating in several conference calls with my class in order to discuss different sports related issues. They loved it! I would highly recommend this curriculum to anyone who is seeking applicable material for their class.”

Pat Hinkle
Bellevue West High School (Nebraska)
Marketing Teacher

“The stuff you provided me is fantastic, I’m hooked! This is the first year I have taught this class and got some really poor books. I sent them back and ordered your information. It completely changed the whole scope of the class!”

Jon C Neblett
James River High School (Virginia)
Marketing Teacher

“I highly recommend your (program) to any teacher who teaches sports marketing.”

Judy Harris
Glendale High School (Arizona)
Career and Technical Education
Department Chair
DECA Sponsor

“I truly want to thank you. You are a tremendous resource and I appreciate your superior customer service.”

Dustin Porter
Redmond High School (Oregon)
Sports Marketing Teacher

“I love the material. We will be enrolling each year. I use it pretty exclusively as a stand alone product.”

Larry Starr
Monacan High School (Virginia)
Girls Basketball Coach

“I got the disc with all of this year’s stuff on it and I’m loving it! It is so great to start from scratch with this material instead of picking it up in the middle of a semester.”

Robyn Rogers
North Side High School (Texas)
Marketing Educator

“Our kids LOVE the curriculum. Thank you!!!”

Megan Sudak
Beverly High School (Massachusetts)
Business Educator

“I love the weekly current events! We use the articles all the time in class. Thank you for everything.”

Sue Suttich
Tigard High School (Oregon)
Marketing Teacher

“We began the year with a job interview process layed out for us by SCC’s Sports Business Program. As we began to progress through the material, one of our BHS students, Patrick Day, suffered a stroke of the spinal cord. In an effort to assist his family with rising medical costs, our marketing class students wanted to do something to help. They interviewed for specific team positions (merchandise, promotion, sponsorship, finance, marketing, public relations) and they were required to present ideas during their interview which made them the best candidates for that team. Once the “organization” was complete, the teams set out to create, develop and implement a fundraising event for the BHS student. What started out as an idea to just help out a family became a huge community service project. In addtion to obtaining television, radio and newspaper coverage, we wound up teaming with a local church to host the “Play for Patrick” fundraising event. Our goal was to raise $5,000 and we actually raised over $7,400 and counting. Our local college, Virginia Tech, also became involved and ultimately nominated Patrick in Dodge’s online fundraiser. Patrick won the contest, along with $20,000, in just 14 days. After wrapping up the fundraiser, one parent told me he knew that participating in this event was ‘more than what my son would ever be exposed to in college’–and the parent is a college professor! Thanks for giving us a roadmap for organizing a life-changing experience for all those involved!”

Kim Radford
Blacksburg High School (Virginia)
Marketing Teacher

“THANKS! The curriculum is great and the students are really connecting with the content.”

Chris Peterson
Johnson High School (Minnesota)
Business Education Teacher

“Thanks for everything you have done for us and other schools as well. Your program is great! The material and (SCC’s events) are all top notch!”

Ryan Durrett
Lakeridge High School (Oregon)
Marketing Teacher/DECA Advisor

“I have recieved the CD and the materials are working great. Thank you for putting out such a great resource!”

Richard Totten
Hanover High School (Virginia)
Marketing Instructor/Co-op Coordinator

“I have been using the current events articles every day to get the class excited about various topics... Thanks for your help!"

Mariellen Holahan
Ramapo High School (New York)
Business Teacher

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